Psychoanalysis and Dreams edited by James Anderson and Jeffrey Stern

March 22, 2015

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Sigmund Freud regarded dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious,” and dreams long held an exalted place in psychoanalysis. In the late twentieth century, dreams received less attention. This book demonstrates that there is a resurgence in psychoanalysis of interest in dreams and presents a range of the outstanding current thinking and writing on this subject.
Highlights of the book include:

• A sample dream examined by three expert commentators: Arlene Richards, Paul Lippmann, and Frank Summers
• A tour-de-force account of the nature of dreams written by George Atwood
• Studies by Joyce Slochower and Marilyn Charles of treatments that revolve around dreams
• Major statements from Michael Robbins, Jorge Canestri, and Frank Summers on how dreams are understood today within psychoanalysis.

This book shows how dreams provide an entrée into the inner world. Dreams illuminate patients’ ways of experiencing life, their most powerful emotions, their guiding metaphors, and the dynamics between analyst and patient.

New from IPBooks: Person Theory by Augustus Kinzel

March 4, 2015

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Person Theory: Toward a New Developmental Paradigm for the Origin, Nature, and Disorder of the Mind by Augustus Kinzel.

About Person Theory:

Person Theory: Toward a New Developmental Paradigm for the Origin, Nature, and Disorder of the Mind by Augustus Kinzel, MD reflects decades of clinical experience, reflection and wisdom.  Person Theory tries to “understand how disorders of unconscious aggression inhibit personal development.”  Dr. Kinzel (more…)

Reluctant Warriors by Nathan Szajnberg

January 1, 2015

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Reluctant Warriors explores the lives of elite Israeli citizen-soldiers in action.  They speak of their inner lives, how they became such a select group of fighters, what it is like to face an enemy, including the ambivalence, hesitance, as well as certitude about protecting their families, most of whom live within kilometers of the battlefield that is Israel.  All these men chose to leave active military service, but continued as officers in the reserves. The author, a psychoanalyst, interviewed these soldiers over the years of the Second Intifada and Lebanese War. Each one had some family member or friend killed.  They speak and want to be heard.  The real action for these men is their inner reactions: fears and hopes and memories that will not rest.

A searing account of the pre-army lives and army experiences of . . . mostly kibbutz-raised Israeli soldiers, recounted with a tender love and a disciplined discernment that brings the reader to a distinctive combination of passionate identifications and objective understandings of the unique transformations from adolescence into a matured adulthood that marks the Israeli . . . experience.

– Robert S. Wallerstein, M.D.
Emeritus Professor, UCSF and former Chair of Psychiatry, UCSF.
Former President of the International Psychoanalytic Association.

Published by IPBooks: The Interwoven Lives of Sigmund, Anna and W. Ernest Freud by Daniel Benveniste

December 22, 2014

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Read About the Book:

The Interwoven Lives of Sigmund, Anna and W. Ernest Freud is a biography of three members of the Freud family in which the central thread is the life and work of W. Ernest Freud, the only Freud (more…)

The Exploiters by Harvey Kaplan

December 3, 2014


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About The Exploiters:
Society places a high premium on the clever person who has the energy to put their ideas into action and to succeed in our competitive world. However, our ethical heritage places certain restraints on the exercise of cleverness. A person must not cheat, lie or hurt others. They are not supposed to take unfair advantage of another person. Exploitation stands to lying, cheating, (more…)

Sigmund Freud Cartoons for Couch Potatoes: Cartoons by Victoria Todd

December 1, 2014

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Streets 1970 by Merle Molofsky

November 25, 2014


Merle Molofsky’s Streets 1970 is a must read for anyone who wants a deeply thought-provoking, well written novel with dialogue and questions that both raises doubts and offers profound answers. Merle is a gifted and highly intelligent story teller who paints her stories in words so descriptive you feel as if you are looking at pictures, watching a movie or analyzing paintings. The contents and topics are classic with incredible depth. They are as relevant today as they were in the 1970s. Do not miss this one!

–Judith Logue, Ph.D,

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Pretend Ballads by Edward McCrorie

November 24, 2014

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PretendBalladsCover.jpg From the Afterword to Pretend Ballads: The poems, prose and pictures in this book are a culmination of many discussions, readings, clinical help and sundry emotions over the past twelve years. But I did not realize there might be poetry here until December, 2012, when Beatrice and her associates published their major work noted in the Acknowledgements above. Most of these poems were inspired by Mothers, Infants and Young Children of September 11, 2001, A Primary Prevention Project, edited by Beatrice Beebe, Phyllis Cohen, K. Mark Sossin and Sara Markese; . New York: Routledge, 2012. I found both frightful and hopeful memories of my own childhood returning. Over and over the children’s play, stories created in a lab room and intended to act as a kind of therapy, astonished me for their variety, anger, mourning, and especially their imagination. After six months I had about sixty poems on my hands, the rough draft of a book.

Jellyfish Have Eyes, a novel by Joram Piatigorsky

November 24, 2014

About the author:
Joram Piatigorsky, an award-winning scientific researcher, established the Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology in the National Eye Institute in 1981 and was its Chief until 2009, when he became an Emeritus Scientist. He has published extensively on eye research, gene expression and evolution, lectured worldwide, participated in national and international advisory and research funding panels, and trained a generation of scientists in eye research. He is presently on the Board of Directors of the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland and focusing on writing.

Jellyfish Have Eyes, a novel, combines Piatigorsky’s scientific knowledge and story-telling imagination to delve into the conflicts and ensuing difficulties (more…)

Nine Lives: Nine Case Histories Reflecting the Human Condition by Newell Fischer

November 15, 2014


What his colleagues are saying about the book:

“In Nine Lives Newell Fischer takes us inside his office to witness and understand the complex, moving, and healing work of-psychoanalysis. A valuable read for anyone who has experienced suffering and wants to actually see how understanding your inner world brings relief. You will be drawn in, touched, amazed and perhaps most importantly, learn a lot about yourself.” (more…)

The Year of Durocher by Theodore Jacobs

November 11, 2014


The year is 1948 and Leo Durocher, feisty manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, has committed the ultimate act of betrayal by defecting to the rival New York Giants.

This traitorous act is very much on Jonathan Manheim’s mind as he recounts the events of a tumultuous year in his life, a year involving love, ambition and acts of betrayal. And is through the experiences that he has in this year, the year of Durocher, that he learns the true meaning of loyalty and friendship.

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Here are some quotes from Lawrence Levinson’s superb review of The Year of Durocher in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association:

The Year of Durocher” is a moving, observant, funny—and fun—novel.  But like all good, serious fiction, the entertainment is in the service of a larger aim. (more…)

Encounters with Loneliness: Only the Lonely

November 10, 2014

Edited by Arlene Kramer Richards, Lucille Spira and Arthur A. Lynch, this book is primarily based on Symposium 2012:  On Loneliness which took place at Mount Sinai Medical Center in March 2012 and also on the discussion group—Towards an Understanding of Loneliness and Aloneness in Women (now, Towards an Understanding of Loneliness and Aloneness)—at the American Psychoanalytic Association meetings in New York City, which was started by Arlene Kramer Richards and Lucille Spira.
Special announcement: Encounters with Loneliness: Only the Lonely has won the 2014 Gradiva Award for Anthologies!

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From the foreword by Harold P. Blum: “This remarkable anthology of fascinating papers on loneliness is unique in the psychoanalytic literature. Although loneliness is a universal ubiquitous experience, it has not previously been discussed in the rich variety of its sources and manifestations. There have been scattered valuable papers on loneliness in the past, but never before brought together in a kaleidoscopic collection allowing a survey of different definitions, approaches, perspectives, and conclusions. This anthology includes different avenues of investigation, varied approaches, multiple dimensions, clarifications, and understandings, as well as questions and controversies about loneliness. The four sections of the book: Loneliness, Creativity and Artists; Clinical Dimensions of Loneliness; Loneliness/Solitude in the Psychoanalytic Training Process; Loneliness and Life Events testify to the encompassing scope of the inquiry into (more…)

Never Again: Echoes of the Holocaust As Understood Through Film by Sylvia Ginsparg

November 5, 2014


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From the Preface by Sylvia Ginsparg:

What if the tragedy of the messenger is that he could not deliver his message? Worse, that he forgot the message. Worse, that he forgot that he was a messenger. Or worse, that he delivered the message and nothing changed?

—Elie Wiesel

Messengers and messages come in varied shapes and forms. Film has been shown to be one of the more successful methods of communicating the messages of the holocaust. The images portrayed and their accompany­ing music resonate with the viewer long after leaving the movie theater. (more…)

The Rangell Reader, edited by Beth I. Kalish and Charles P. Fisher

November 2, 2014


The Rangell Reader: Commentaries on and Selected Papers by Leo Rangell, M.D., a collection of seven papers by Leo Rangell with new commentaries by prominent psychoanalysts, edited by Beth I. Kalish and Charles P. Fisher.

New! The Rangell Reader Now Available as a Kindle Ebook

November 1, 2014


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Male Homosexuality, Kindle Edition

October 15, 2014

lil'Friedmanfrontcover Click Here to Purchase directly from   Male Homosexuality,  eBook  by Richard C. Friedman, M.D. ,  Kindle edition.

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About this book: 

An essential resource for clinicians wishing guidelines for evaluating males with conflicts involving sexual orientation and for researchers and students of sexual behavior, this book is the first to integrate recent psychobiological, gender identity, and family studies with psychoanalytic theory.

Includes a new introduction to the eBook edition by Arnold D. Richards, M.D. and Nathan Szajnberg, M.D. (more…)

Helping Men: A Psychoanalytic Approach from Felix F. Loeb and Loretta R. Loeb

October 1, 2014

  Helping Men: A Psychoanalytic Approach from Felix F. Loeb and Loretta R. Loeb

 This is a book of hope and compassion that describes in detail the analytic processes in the treatment of men whose sexualities are conflicted. The authors eschew political correctness as well as restrictive dogma. They provide their patients with the freedom to choose what they want and need rather than something imposed by the treaters. It is written by two psychoanalysts with many years experience helping men and women. It offers therapists models for empathic and effective treatment and practice.

 —Sylvia Brody, PhD. Psychoanalyst


Flashing Seven by Jack Hirschowitz and Ahron Friedberg

September 25, 2014

Flashing Seven is an essential book for all of us who are interested in leading our best life. It teaches the necessary skills to overcome adversity and to fulfill your potential. These practices include keeping perspective and prioritizing, learning continuously, taking care, openness to new ideas, building relationships, and modeling and mentoring. Drs. Hirschowitz and Friedberg are masters at empowering you in leading your life.

David Dembitzer
Partner, Dembitzer & Dembitzer, LLP

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Flashing Seven is a unique work melding the tradition of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with Scott Peck’s classic The Road Less Traveled. The authors are leading psychiatrists and expert in leadership coaching. They instruct by way of example, professionally and personally. Their life lessons will help you keep all (more…)

First-Ever English Edition!

September 15, 2014

lil'New Front Cover-crop
        by Basia Temkin-Berman

  “I would like to describe this state within a state, or rather city within a city, this most underground of all underground communities, whose members met with each other, worked and talked in the midst of a population which didn’t suspect anything; where every street, every coffee shop, every tram stop called to mind dozens of unique adventures. Every name was false, every word that was uttered carried a double meaning, and every telephone conversation was more encrypted than the secret diplomatic documents of embassies.”

 This diary was written in Polish when Basia (Batya), and her husband Dr. Adolf-Abraham Berman, lived on the Aryan side of Warsaw—the part designated by the Nazis for Polish Christians only—and led a secret network helping thousands of Jews to hide and survive.

Cosponsored by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Dedicated to the memory of Leon Kupferstein, MD, a prominent psychoanalyst who passed away five years ago.

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From the introduction by Israel Guttman:
“After a break which lasted several years I have begun writing again” — Thus opens the diary of Basia Berman. It ends with the following words:  “I cannot write anymore, the candle is going out. Once again sounds of the front come from the direction of the Vistula.”
                                                                                                                           —Basia Berman

Psychoanalysis: Listening to Understand by Arlene Kramer Richards

September 15, 2014

 Psychoanalysis: Listening to Understand:  The Selected Papers of Arlene Kramer Richards

“Arlene Kramer Richards represents the essence of psychoanalysis. Any struggle with trying to define what psychoanalysis is could be resolved by traveling with Arlene as she thinks, explores the psyche, practices in her consulting room, teaches, supervises, and writes. The papers in this volume contain her breakthrough ideas and the way she conveys them to us. You find here a world of deep psychoanalytic exploration into areas of (more…)