Wave into Wave Light into Light: Poems and Places

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Wave into Wave Light into Light: Poems and Places


Praise for: Wave into Wave  Light into Light: Poems and Places by George Northrup


One of the pleasures of reading George Northrup’s new book is the recognition that the world really has become smaller. A child studying a map of the continents and oceans asks, “Don’t they know it’s all connected?” Northrup describes landscapes I’ve never visited, such as Tuscany and the Left Bank, and illumines landmarks I am familiar with, like Central Park and the Seaview Resort in Galloway. Instead of photographs or postcards, these poems are addressed to some need inside me, each of them saying, “Dear Reader,” each of them saying, “Wish you were here.”

~Peter E. Murphy

Founder, Murphy Writing

Of Stockton University


Northrup embraces time, natural landscapes, and humanity in a deep stilling wonderment and calm acceptance.  He illumines our deepest human connections and our need to cherish them. “No one feels a stranger here/ or out of place,” he writes.  “What speaks is utterly hushed./  What thinks eludes conception./  And what falls into the ages—pauses here—/ glad for a place like this.”

~Gayl Teller

Nassau County (NY) Poet Laureate, 2009-11

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Poet of the Year, 2016

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