Who we are

International Psychoanalytic Books is a new imprint dedicated to publishing cutting edge manuscripts in the field of psychoanalysis: clinical, theoretical, and applied. It will also publish books of interest to the wider mental health profession and a broader informed audience. IPBooks will bring you books by creative writers, selected by leading scholars, in quality and reasonably priced paperback editions.

These publications will be advertised on InternationalPsychoanalysis.net and on other web sites. IPBooks is also developing a partnership with Mental Health Resources to market its books at pertinent professional meetings in the United States.


Editor-in-Chief: Arnold D. Richards
Associate Editor: Elizabeth Ronis
Managing Editor: Ahron Friedberg
Administrator: Tamar Schwartz
Production Manager: Lawrence L. Schwartz
Manuscript Editor: Phyllis Stern
Production Designer: Kathy Kovacic

Editorial Board

Werner Bohleber (Acquisitions Editor, German)
Selma Duckler
Richard C. Friedman
Glen Gabbard
Arnold Goldberg
Sheldon Goodman
Hendrika Halberstadt-Freud
Jane Hall
Jonathan House (Acquisitions Editor, French)
Ernest Kafka
Donald Kirsner
Rómulo Lander (Acquisitions Editor, Spanish)
Riccardo Lombardi (Acquisitions Editor, Italian)
Cyril Levitt
Bonnie Litowitz
Arthur Lynch
Joseph Reppen
Arlene Kramer Richards
Elizabeth Ronis
Joseph Schachter
Elise Snyder
Sverre Varvin
Arnold Wilson